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Jarvis Square Tavern

A Rogers Park hangout with local craft beer, live music & open mic nights.

Community, Drinks, & Entertainment

We love a strong community that is supportive of its people. We have sixteen taps that allows us to explore local craft brews. We are heavily focused on minority brewers.

At Jarvis Square Tavern, we bring beer and community together in harmony, in an atmosphere that is welcoming and reflective of the Rogers Park Neighborhood.

We invite all of our neighbors to make Jarvis Square Tavern their go-to spot to relax after work, strike up a conversation, and enjoy a few drinks.

Call 773-654-3972 for reservations.

Jarvis Square Tavern


Live music & weekly open mic nights.


Bar Menu

16 taps featuring local beer & a full bar with craft cocktails.


Host your next event at Jarvis Square.

Open Mic Night

Jarvis SquEAR. A weekly gathering of musical and spoken word artists in a supportive community environment! Queer centered, straight friendly!  Every Wednesday from 8pm – 10pm.  Sign up at 7:30pm.

Open Mic Night - Rogers Park
Open Mic Night - Rogers Park